Great Minds Think Alike Different

It was 2016, when we as a young team of 5 dreamers decided to go forth and follow our hunger and passion for advertising. It was that very vision which led us to grow into the dynamic full service marketing agency we are today.

Fueled by a vivacious passion for strategy, we infuse every project with a strategic approach that takes centre stage in our creative process. Our journey is defined by innovation, and our playground is your brand’s success.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results to our clients has earned us a reputation for excellence. Our expertise shines as we confront challenges head-on, whether it’s delicately balancing under and over commitments or seamlessly harmonising timelines through well-defined processes. This dedication to transparency is evident in our tailored monthly performance-based reports, which offer a comprehensive overview of progress and achievements.

At our core, we’re not just a company – we’re a bunch of diverse souls united by a shared passion for progress.

Key Metaphors

We like to define ourselves as a bunch of creative enthusiasts on a 24/7 thinking spree. As conductors of creativity, we orchestrate the symphony of ideas, harmonise the elements of design, and bring the notes of innovation to life. 

If upon a visit to our studio, you happen to see an eccentric artist standing before a colourful easel with a paintbrush dripping in grey, come and say Hello! It’s quite likely you encountered one of us.

Founder & Director

Sr. Partner

Brand Strategist

Bernadette Ganatra
Sr. Consultant

Chief Entertainment Officer

Shashank Suthar
Design Head

Pranjal Jain
Digital Marketing Strategist

Naman Sejwal
Sr. Graphic Designer